The Voter Protection Program (VPP) is a nonpartisan initiative of the Progressive State Leaders Committee (PSLC) to ensure safe, fair, and secure elections. The VPP advances strategies and recommendations to protect the vote and make sure every vote is counted, with a specific focus on the unique tools available to state attorneys general, governors, secretaries of state, and law enforcement officials. The Voter Protection Program includes experienced litigators who have worked in state and federal government in both Republican and Democratic administrations, national experts on voting rights and election protection, communications professionals with expertise advising state officials, and a bipartisan Advisory Board of former governors, attorneys general, and leaders in local, state, and federal law enforcement.

Meet the Bipartisan Advisory Board


State attorneys general play a critical role in ensuring free and fair elections. As the top lawyer and law enforcement officer for the state, an attorney general can use an array of legal, communications, and other tools to fight voter suppression and misinformation and to protect the integrity of our elections. To help advance that work, the VPP is a “think-and-do tank” designed to support their work, highlight their accomplishments, and make sure voters know that there are state leaders out there who have their backs. There is a lot happening right now and it’s confusing for just about everyone—we seek to conduct research, provide analysis, and help a wide array of audiences understand the rules of the road for voting and ensuring every eligible vote is counted. To that end, the VPP consists of three major components…

  • Legal: The VPP’s legal work includes publishing research, expert views, and analysis to encourage and support efforts by attorneys general and other state officials to protect the vote. State attorneys general have successfully sued to stop changes to the U.S. Postal Service, defended expanded voting laws, prosecuted robocallers spreading misinformation, issued legal advisories about voter intimidation, and much more. Attorneys general also represent the people of their states – as well as Governors and Secretaries of State – and play a critical role in the courts when there are attempts to interfere with access to the ballot box or the results of the election.
  • Law enforcement outreach: Working in coordination with an experienced team of law enforcement leaders, the VPP conducts outreach and provides research and guidance to law enforcement officials across the country to advance their critical work to ensure that every American has safe access to the polls, and to protect the safety, security, and integrity of our elections. This includes bringing law enforcement together with state and community leaders to address voter questions and concerns both before and after Election Day.
  • Communications: Across the country, state attorneys general are using their significant public platforms to make clear that they will enforce the law to ensure a safe, free, and fair election. VPP’s communications team works to augment those efforts by highlighting and defending the work of state attorneys general in support of voting rights through traditional and digital media. This includes video campaigns with attorneys general and other allies aimed at educating and reassuring voters, with a focus on critical battleground states.